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The people and research affiliated with the Religion and Public Life Program are often featured in local, national, and international news outlets.


Too Ethical to Get Ahead?
"Study finds that physicists are more likely to describe women as ethical scientists, but in ways that potentially limit their productivity and competitiveness."


Study People, Not Numbers, for Truth Post Trump's Election
RPLP director Elaine Howard Ecklund and postdoc Pamela Prickett provide post-election analysis as well as suggestions for the future in this op ed.


British Scientists Don't Like Richard Dawkins, Finds Study that Didn't Even Ask Questions about Richard Dawkins
UK news source highlights surprising finding from the Religion among Scientists in International Context study.


Conservatives Are More Likely to Make Green Purchases If They're Also Religious
Pacific Standard Magazine highlighted findings from Elaine Howard Ecklund's research on conservatism, religion, and environmental consumption.


Lawmakers Might Introduce 'Anti-Evolution' Legislation to Appease Religious Constituents
This Rice University press release about David Johnson, Chris Scheitle, and Elaine Howard Ecklund's article was redistributed by EurekAlert!, a division of the American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS).


Building Bridges: The Institute for Spirituality and Health Hosts the Fifth Annual Conference on Medicine and Religion for the First Time in the City of Houston
Ecklund's keynote address at the Conference on Medicine and Religion is highlighted on page 34 of the Texas Medical Center magazine.


Are All Scientists Atheists?
Ecklund is interviewed by Michael Hagerty for the Houston Matters radio show.


Religion and Science: Global Survey Explores Academia's Views
The Chronicle of Higher Education highlights research from the Religion among Scientists in International Context study.


How ‘Science Popularizers’ Influence Public Opinion on Religion
Rice University issues a press release addressing Ecklund's research, which has shown that people are more likely to be influenced by reading about Francis Collins than Richard Dawkins.


Among Evangelicals, Science, Religion Not Necessarily at Odds, Study Says
The Houston Chronicle reports on Ecklund's study, "Religious Understandings of Science."


Trainee Vicars to Get Science Lessons to Help Them Understand the Modern World
Ecklund's research is cited in an article about training vicars in the Church of England.


Evangelicals and Scientists are Closer Than Many Realize
A Washington Post article includes data from Ecklund's Religious Understandings of Science study.


Can Science Find Common Ground with Evangelicals?
Ecklund's research is highlighted by Scientific American when addressing how to improve the dialogue between religious and scientific communities.


How Have Views on Religion Changed in the Past Decade?
The Religion and Public Life Program is mentioned on Houston Matters, a show on Houston's public radio.


Science Matters: 20 Ways to Pursue Justice Through Science
A Houston Chronicle blog mentions a recent talk given by Ecklund titled "Faith, Science and Justice."


Faith and Reason: Scientists Are Not as Secular as People Think
Ecklund's research is featured in The Economist.


Science Group, Evangelicals Push New Collaboration
Ecklund's research is highlighted by the Washington Post.


Misconceptions of Science and Religion Stunt Progress
Business Standard reports on Ecklund's research.


Initial Findings from the RUS Study at AAAS
Science + Religion Today reports some of the initial findings from the Religious Understandings of Science study.


Rice Study Finds Religion, Science Not Always at Odds
Ecklund's Religious Understandings of Science study is reported on the front page of the Houston Chronicle.


The Science of Stupid: Galileo is Rolling Over in His Grave
TIME Magazine discusses a study by the National Science Foundation. Ecklund's study is also mentioned.


Elaine Howard Ecklund on BBC World Service Discussing Science and Religion
Ecklund appeared on BBC World Service's Newsday Feb. 17 to discuss her new research on the relationship between science and religion.


Are Natural Scientists Smarter?
Ecklund is quoted in an article by Inside Higher Ed.