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Article Draft Seminars

A gathering of scholars to review drafts of scholarly articles on issues related to religion and public life that are highly relevant to particular constituencies. 

“College-Age Conservatism: How Universities Influence Political Discourse and Styles”

November 4, 2011

The Religion and Public Life Program co-sponsored a roundtable discussion with Amy Binder, an associate professor in the Sociology department of the University of California at San Diego. Her presentation addressed work from her forthcoming book Creating Conservatism: How Campuses Shape Political Discourse and Style, co-authored with UCSD graduate student Kate Wood. Binder described the role of culture in shaping the styles of conservative political discourse within two American universities.

A Workshop on Religion, Medicine, and the Chaplaincy

March 14, 2011

John Evans, a professor of sociology at the University of California, San Diego served as a guest critic, reviewing a paper about hospital chaplains written by Wilson Will, a postdoctoral fellow in the Humanities Research Center at Rice University. Will’s paper covers new ground, as there is almost no anthropological literature on hospital chaplains, and challenges the assumptions scholars hold about the relationship between religion and healing in medical settings. In some ways, the diversity of participants in the workshop parallels that found in urban hospitals in the United States. As Will explained, “Nowadays, you can have a Hassidic Jew, a Buddhist, and a Baptist in the same medical unit receiving treatment. Anywhere else in the world, reactions to some of those religions might be different, volatile even.” Will felt that “the feedback was particularly important because it gave me a sense of what I take for granted and what different audiences want to hear more about,” and that the interdisciplinary nature of the event was “critical, especially since I am trying to straddle different academic disciplines.”

A Workshop on Religion, Politics, and Immigration

October 18, 2010

The first paper workshop event hosted guest critic Margarita Mooney, an assistant professor of sociology and a faculty fellow in the Carolina Population Center at the University of Carolina at Chapel Hill. Mooney assisted in reviewing a paper written by Rice University sociologist Michael O. Emerson about religion, immigration, and politics based on the Religion, Immigration, Civic Engagement (RICE) study.