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Conversations regarding religion and public life are of little value if they are fraught with misinformation. The RPLP aspires to encourage, produce, and disseminate cutting-edge research that will facilitate more informed, and therefore, productive discussions of issues related to religion. To date, we have completed major research initiatives in several key areas, including the role of religion in issues related to science, immigration, and medicine, and we are currently undertaking groundbreaking studies across the country and around the world focused on religion, ethics, and science.

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  • Religion, Inequality, and Science Education (RISE)
  • Religion among Scientists in International Contexts (RASIC)

Click for more information on previous research initiatives, including:

  • Religious Understandings of Science (RUS)
  • Ethics among Scientists in International Contexts (EASIC)
  • Religion among Academic Scientists (RAAS)
  • Religion, Immigration, and Civic Engagement (RICE)
  • Religion and Medicine