Cleve V. Tinsley IV

Dr. Cleve V. Tinsley IV earned his MA and PhD in religion from Rice University, where he concentrated in the study of African-American religion(s). He is a scholar of race, religion, and Black freedom movements who employs inter(anti-)disciplinary theoretical and analytic strategies in research that seeks to uncover the nature and meaning of Blackamerican identity, aware of its heterogeneity, complexity, and contingency in the lives of African Americans.

Dr. Tinsley is an assistant professor of history, religion, and Africana studies at Virginia Union University, where he has also been appointed as the Inaugural Director of the Center for African American History and Culture (CAAHC). He is also a non-resident research fellow with the Religion and Public Life program (RPLP) at Rice University, supporting group research and interventions at the intersections of race and religion.