Testimonials & Accomplishments

Testimonials & Accomplishments

Colton Cox

"RPLP does not exist in the 'ivory tower' of academia, but rather truly values forming interpersonal connections with religious organizations in Houston when they and their congregational communities are in their most trying times."

Rice University '18
RPLP undergraduate student fellow, 2015-2018

Jacob Hernandez

"Most undergraduates can discuss sociological work, but I ... lived it for three years. Anyone interested in a sociology Ph.D. should try and have an experience that is similar to mine."

Rice University '15
RPLP undergraduate student fellow, 2013-2015

Daniel Cortez

"Working with RPLP brought me into direct contact with numerous perspectives on faith, religion, and spirituality. ... While the public sphere tends to polarize religious groups, I feel confident in my ability to bridge divisions and seek compromise between opposing world views."

Rice University '15
RPLP undergraduate student fellow, 2013-2015

Virginia White

"Dr. Ecklund would occasionally nonchalantly say to me and other students, ‘When you write your first book ... .’ This kind of consistent belief in and naming of her students’ abilities — even abilities that they might not yet perceive in themselves — made RPLP not only a fantastic place to try new tasks and develop high-level research skills, but also made it possible for me to imagine myself as a scholar and [gave me] the practical know-how to take real steps in that direction."

Rice University '13
RPLP undergraduate student fellow, 2010-2013; RPLP post-baccalaureate fellow, 2013-2014

Pamela Prickett

"From what I can tell, the RPLP is one of a very select number of programs across the U.S. dedicated to the goal of merging rigorous academic research with public outreach. The program’s emphasis on including religious leaders in academic discussions seems especially unique."

Assistant professor of sociology, University of Amsterdam
RPLP postdoctoral fellow, 2015-2017

David R. Johnson

"I have learned that the public, here in the Houston community and beyond, is fascinated with religion. And more specifically, people of all faith traditions crave data-driven research on religion in the public sphere because there is a real need for informed dialogue about the role of religion in different societal arenas, whether it is science, politics, or education."

Assistant professor of higher education leadership, University of Nevada, Reno
RPLP postdoctoral fellow, 2012-2016