Jacqui Frost

Jacqui Frost received her Ph.D. in sociology from University of Minnesota in June 2020. She is a mixed-methods scholar whose research is grounded in cultural sociology with a focus on the intersections of religion, science, gender, and community. In her dissertation, Modern but Not Meaningless: Nonreligious Cultures and Communities in the United States, she investigates the ways that atheists create secular rituals and find community in an “atheist church” called the Sunday Assembly. Her work at Rice University with the “Sociology of Science and Religion: Identity and Belief Formation” initiative and the Religion and Public Life Program focuses on investigating the growing movement of transhumanism and the ways that transhumanists combine religious and scientific perspectives by secularizing traditional religious practices while imbuing technology and science with religious significance. Drawing on her qualitative work with nonreligious communities, Jacqui is also working to create better quantitative measures of nonreligious identities, beliefs, and practices with her Nonreligion, Engagement, and Wellbeing survey project. Her research has been published in American Sociological Review, Journal for the Scientific Study of Religion, Social Currents, Implicit Religion, Nonprofit and Voluntary Sector Quarterly, and Poetics.