Rachel C. Schneider

Rachel C. Schneider is a scholar of race, religion, and culture. Working at the intersection of anthropology of religion and critical race studies, her research primarily focuses on how religious commitments shape ethical and political practice and inspire social change. Schneider completed her doctorate in Religion at Rice University in 2017 with distinction. Her dissertation, The Ethics of Whiteness: Race, Religion, and Social Transformation in South Africa, explores how progressive white Christians living in South Africa engage with past and present racial injustice. Schneider brings her research expertise and training in qualitative research methods to RPLP projects on faith at work; gender and religion; and discrimination and inequality. Her work has been published in the Journal of the American Academy of Religion, Religions, Syndicate Theology, Religious Studies Review, The Immanent Frame, and Marginalia Review of Books. She is also a writer for the RPLP podcast Religion Unmuted, which explores how religion and gender impact public discourse around important social issues, like racism, politics, immigration, health, and the body.

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