How SCIENCE Can Strenghten the FAITH of Your CHURCH

conference flyer

The Religion and Public Life Program hosted How SCIENCE Can Strengthen the FAITH of Your CHURCH, a free online conference focused on the relationship between Christianity and science. Originally planned as an all-day in-person event, the conference was moved to a virtual format due to social distancing guidelines.

In addition to plenary remarks on Christianity and science in today’s world, afternoon sessions provided practical information for pastors and lay leaders on bridging divides between science and faith and scientific and faith communities. All of this was discussed in light of COVID-19.

The conference was held Friday, June 5 from 9:30am CST to 3:00pm CST. The day's schedule is outlined below. Each session included time for speakers to answer questions submitted by attendees.

9:30am: Welcome & plenary remarks by Elaine Howard Ecklund (Rice University)
10:25am: Plenary remarks by Mark Labberton (Fuller Seminary)
11:15am: Plenary remarks by Praveen Sethupathy (Cornell University)
12:30pm: A conversation with Greg Cootsona (California State University Chico) & Gus Reyes (Texas Baptists) on engaging youth & emerging adults in science
1:20pm: A conversation with Nichole Phillips (Emory University) & Harvey Clemons (Pleasant Hill Baptist Church) on race, social justice, & science
2:10pm: A conversation with Jonathan Hill (Calvin University) & Lee Hsia (Houston’s First Baptist Church) on human origins & human uniqueness
2:50pm: Closing remarks

This event was made possible by a Templeton Religion Trust grant (TRT0191).